About Us

What do you get when you’ve worked hard adulting, and life throws in a curve ball of a baby? We love them, with all their new experiences, each child a new and equally brilliant light shining in our lives. Now toss in the advances in education, and studies of what is suggested and healthy for your family. And because we want what is best for our children, we need to make sacrifices, and that’s okay. One of those sacrifices for some families is that the cost of child care is equivalent to one of the parents’ pay, or at least a very large part. Some make the choice to stay home with their children, and while they spend their days chasing toddlers rather than pushing papers, eventually there comes a need for a little more adulting time.

Dani and Amanda are two of those people who chose to make the sacrifices needed to help keep a happy and healthy home. Both households having gone from dual income to single income; both becoming childproof havens of chaos and love, and both knowing the struggle of striving for healthy habits on a tight budget. Story of your life? Ours too!!

That’s where part of the inspiration for Earth & Soul Creations came from. In what started as two friends indulging in play dates for the adult conversation aspects evolved to projects and curiosities of the DIY world in an effort to make those ‘healthy choices’ affordable for our families. The curiosity grew. We shared our creations with family and friends, and began to realize what a blessing we had.

While kiddos played, and between naps and meals, we were researching. We still research. We brain dump our thoughts for possible product lines and how to improve the products we know are solid. The best part: each product fills a part of us that we thought we’d lost by choosing to stay home. It fills that little space of happy when we work to create products we as mothers are willing and excited to stand by. Leading our children by example of remembering life happens, but we can still make healthy choices while pursuing creative dreams.

Our products are our way of spreading our piece of happy. Each piece, jar, and bar are our way of weaving a bit of earth and soul into healthy alternatives that are affordable despite economic means because we’ve been there and don’t believe that anyone should have to sell an arm or leg to make a healthy choice.